How Can I Ensure That The UGG Product I Purchase is Authentic and Not Counterfeit?

The presence of counterfeit products in the marketplace is an unfortunate reality for many luxury brands including UGG. Though we aggressively pursue removal of this product through various means, please be aware that there is still counterfeit UGG product being offered to consumers primarily through online websites, auction sites and trade boards.

If you are viewing UGG product online anywhere other than (or our affiliated international online stores) and the domain name includes "UGG", or any variation of this word, or includes one of our style names in the domain address, e.g. "Cardy", you can assume the product is counterfeit. If you do not buy UGG product from or one of our authorized retailers listed in the Dealer Locator you should assume you are purchasing counterfeit product.

To ensure that you are getting an authentic product you should purchase from one of the following locations:

If product is purchased from unauthorized sources we will not accept the product for exchange/refund or warranty replacement. We will also not assist with disputes relating to such purchases. Unfortunately, there are thousands of sites claiming to be authentic product. Please make sure that you check the site on our counterfeit page prior to ordering. View our Counterfeit page with website lookup.

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